Christian International Restoration Ministries (CIRM-e.V)

House of Restoration Kassel - Germany



Born in June 1969 in Kumba Cameroon in the family of Mbullah, a chieftaincy family. Came to Germany as a student in 1990, studied in the university of Kassel. Started a business Venture in Cameroon while studing, during vacation will travel for a business trip to Cameroon. In 1998 the business trip resulted to be a failure,  became frustrated, had many problems both physical and spiritual.

He nearly died but God saved him. He joined the living faith Church (Winners Chapel - Douala Assemble Cameroon). In 1999 became a born again, did the water baptism and recieved the Holy spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other Tongues. With this new life in Christ and with all the problems took a Vow with the Lord, " If the Lord will bring him back to Germany, he will serve him for the rest of his Life".

Miraculously in the year 2000 the Lord brought him back to Germany. He worked as an Insurance Brooker. From 2000 to 2005 was privilege to serve in various departments of Christian Church outreach mission International (CCOM - Kassel Assemble). In the year 2002 had an encounter with the Lord, called to preach the Gospel to the nations. During this period as an insurance Brooker, while at work in other Cities preached in many Churches as an Evangelist.

In 2005 obtained the German Citizenship. In October 2005 founded the Christian International Restoration Ministries (CIRM e.V). A ministry of over ten nationalities with two main Languages, 80% german and 20% english. From 2005 to 2008 did a distance Bible school in the International University of Missouri - USA. From 2007 to 2010 attended Bible school at Theological College Beröa in Germany (Association of pentecostal Churches in Germany - BFP ).

He is ordained in the office of a Pastor in September 2010. He is member of Christian African Leadership Forum (CALF), member of Christian Forum of Christian Churches in Kassel (ACK). Member of evangelishe Alliance in Kassel. He is married to Mama Adeley Mbullah and are blessed with four children.

Pastor Wose

Evangelist Lois

Prophet Daniel and Apostle Joshua