House of Restoration  Kassel is community of faith. Our beliefs are as follows:

  • The Bible Teaching

We believe that the entire Scripture, both Old and New Testament are written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit - II Tim.3:16-17. All the Christian teaching and the Chrisitan attitude of the children of God are such as are established in the Holy Bible - II Tim. 3:10-15.  We believe that the Bible is the written and revealved Will of God.

We believe all the Scriptures are holy, what the Bible revealves as the will of God are such that we should accept, and whatever God writes in the Bible and His Law are to remain unchangeable, we blieve that the Heavens and the Earth may pass away but the Word of God stands forever. Matt. 24:24-38

  • About Trinity

We believe in the Trinity. God the father, God the Son and God the Holly Ghost are one God, but made of three persons. It is like an egg which comprises of three parts: the yellow York, the whitish part and the shell. Despite these three substances, the egg is not three but one. Gen. 1:16-29 ; Matt. 3:16-17; Mat. 18:19.

  • About the Devil

We believe that there is adevil, who seeks the down fall of mankind. He brought sin sickness and death into the world. Gen. 3:1 -16. The devil has several unclean spirits over whom he governs Mat. 12:24. He coes to steal to kill and to destroy. Jn 10:10 ; Mat 4:1-11 ; I Peter 5:8 ; James 4:7 . A time would soon come when he shall be thrown into the pit and chained for one thousend years - Rev. 20:7-9 . After this, he will be put into the lake of fire where he will remain suffering together with his flowers for ever and ever. Rev. 20:10.

  • Justification or New Birth

 This is God grace whereby we are cleansed from our sins by which we are able to stand before God as though we have never sinned. Rom. 3:25-26 ; John 1:12-13.

  • Santification(Holiness)

 Santification is anothe grace of God by which our souls are progressively and completely cleansed. This the second accomplishment of the grace which through our faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ is wrought, after we have been justified and free from our sins or regenerated. John 17:15-17; Cor. 7:1; I John 1:7

  • Water Baptism

We believe in the Water Baptism by immension: In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Ghost. Mat 28:19. This teaching is revelved in the New Testament and all Christian must obey this rule of the Lord. Acts 8:29-39; Acts 18:8; Acts 19:4-5. The Reason for water Baptism. It stands for a sign and an example of two things.

1. It is an outward sign, an example of a true repentance of a sinner from his or hersins.Act 2:38

2. Anybody who is baptized is joined with Christ in his death, burilal and resuration. Rom 6:1-23. Threrefore anybody baptized is dead to the world and the evils there of - Gal. 6:14

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

All born-again souls should ask for the Holy spirit from above, as the Apostels were ordered to wait in Jerusalems until they were filled, from above. It is the promise of the Father. It is God gift which he gives to those who believe in Him- Act 1:4-5; John 4:14-26. Any Christian who recieves the baptism of the Holy spirit shoul speak in tongues Act 10:34-36; Act 19:2-6

  • Divine Healing

We believe in Divine Healing Mat. 4:23Sickness is caused because of the fall of man. The force behind is Satan - Job 2:1-9, but Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil- I John 3:8. Christ purchased our soul from the curse of sin. He bore our infirmities and carried our sorrow - Mat. 8:15-17. By his stripes we are healed. Is 53:4-5; I Peter 2:24. The Lord commanded us to go into the world, not just to teach the nations alone, but also to heal the sick. Mark 16:15-18.

  • Laying of hands and anointing the sick

We believe in the laying on of hands and anointing the sick /person on the head in the name of the Lord and that prayer of faith shall save the person - James 5:14-16; Mark 16:17-18, but we do not use any methods. The order of our Lord is that we should heal the sick free of charge -Mat. 10:8. We do not receive money or charge money before we offer prayer for anybody.

  • Holy communion or the Lord´s supper

It is instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ shortly before His death. He commanded all Christians to gather together regularly to share the bread and wine till He comes back again - I Cor. 11:23-30. The wine is grape fruit.

  • The second coming of Christ

 The second coming of Jesus Christ will be in physical from and will be visible to all in like manner as He was seen ascending up to heavens - Acts 1:9-11. His return will be in two stages: 

1. Christ´s return in the sky - The saints or Bride of Christ will be raptured to meet Him in the sky - I Thess. 4:15-17; Mat. 24:40-44.

2. His return to the earth - He will return to the earth to judge the sinners and the ungodly - Rev. 19:19-21; II thess 1:7-10.

  • The Tribulation Period

The time between His coming to recieve the brides or saints into heaven and his comming to administer judgment will be the time of tribulation Mat. 24:21; Rev. 9; Daniel 12:1; Malachi 4:1; Rev. 16

  • The Millennial Reign (Christ 1000 years Reign)

After Christ appears upon earth, He would set up his Kingdom with the Holy peaople for one thousand years - Rev. 20:1-6; Rev. 2:26-27. This one thousand years will be entirely different from any kingdom ever set on earth. the kingdom is peace all over - Is 65:18-20. There will be on death  - Is 65:18-20. There will be no poverty - Is 65:21-23; Christ will be the only King in this kingdom - Dan 2:44-45; Dan 7:13,14,22,27.

  • New Heaven and New Earth

The word of God teaches us that after judgment, this wicked world will be removed. God will create a new heaven and a new earth in which Holiness will exit - Mat. 24:35; Rev. 21:1-3; Is 65:17; 66:22

  • Eternal Life and eternal Punishment

The Bible teaches us that there is eternal punishment as well as eternal life - Mat. 25:46. The wicked people will be sent to a fiery hell made of Sulphur, to be tormented both das and night. The punishment will continue forever and ever - Rev. 14:10-11; Luke. 16:24; Mark 9:43-44

  • Satan in Prison

At this time - millenium, Satan will be chained - Rev. 20:2-3, and it will be the time of peace and blessing to mankind also - Is. 11:6-9, 65:25; Zech 14:9-20; Is 2:2-4